Pros And Cons Of Using A Pullout Sofa As Your Bed

In many homes, pullout sofas provide a place to sleep for overnight guests. This isn't the only way that you can use this piece of furniture. An unconventional approach — but one that has a number of benefits — is to use your pullout sofa as your bed each night. This idea can take a bit of getting used to, but it may be something that you're interested in trying. As you browse the selection of pullout sofas at your local furniture retailer, consider these points about using your pullout sofa as your bed. Read More 

A Few Tips For Caring For Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can be an excellent way of providing your home with an elegant and durable furniture option. Unfortunately, it can be easy for homeowners to make relatively simple mistakes when caring for this type of furniture that can lead to unfortunate damages. To help avoid this type of damage, you can use these three tips to help you care for your wood furniture. Use A Microfiber Cloth For Dusting Read More 

Drapery Decisions: Four Tips To Help You Choose The Right Curtains

Curtains add a lot to a room. Not only are they beautiful, but they can insulate and add privacy to your room. With all the curtains out there, how do you choose? Here are four things you need to decide before you choose the perfect drapes for your room.   1. Pick a texture. The kind of texture you want will depend on what time of room the curtains are going in. Read More 

Tips For Packing Furniture For Overseas Shipment

Whether you've been offered a new position in an overseas division of your company, or you just want to start a new chapter in your life by moving to another country, this is an exciting time in your life. Before you make the move, however, there are a lot of things that you have to do to prepare – and packing is high on the priority list. If you are planning on using your furniture in your new overseas abode, prepping it for the move will be a bit different than if you were moving to the next town or even the next province. Read More 

How To Remove Cat Scratches From Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can be an attractive addition to your home. If you care for the leather right, the furniture can last a lifetime. However, you might not be the only one who finds the furniture attractive. Cats are known to develop a liking for using leather furniture as a scratching post, and this can quickly turn the lush and shiny appearance of leather into a pitted and worn look. Fortunately, there are options you can use to restore the leather and gain back that nice shiny finish. Read More